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Our “All-in-One” solutions are designed to simplify the creation and management of your website.

Fully Managed Services

We take care of everything. Our “All-in-One” solution are fully managed versions of our web services.

Fully Customizable

We offer a “Basic” and “Advanced” level of expertise for most of our services, but that just a starting point. Everything can be customized to your project requirements.

We can even take over your existing website. Just contact us, we’ll review the situation and come up with a solution specifically designed for you.

Simplifying the WEB

From our first contact, we will guide you through the entire process. We’ll explain in simple terms what to expect, what we will need from you, what are your options, etc.

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All-IN-ONE Artist Portfolio

Let us build, host and managed your website while you are changing the world !

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Our Clients


  • Working with Ghislain was a pleasure. His professionalism, efficiency and expertise all ensured a quick and easy turn around for my company's website. He provided creative guidance and support, with enthusiasm and mindfulness. A joy to work with!
    LARA TAVARES – Next Wave Communications, Los Angeles
  • Aikigi Web creates your page in history. Ghislain understands how artists minds' work. As an artist himself, his heightened sensibility allows him to better relate to other artists. His simple turnkey designs and services allows space for flexible, efficient and easy navigation. We are absolutely thrilled about our new website. 
    ALEXANDRA “SPICEY” LANDÉ – Ebnfloh Dance Company
  • Ghislain has perfected a style of management and maintenance for people like me who may not understand everything about web hosting, design etc, but want to create both an online and offline presence. He will forever be my go-to guy for all present and future projects. I highly recommend him to all my clients and friends.
    NATASHA JEAN-BART aka “TASH” – Artist

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