Your Website's Personal Assistant

Hi! Welcome to Aïkigi Web. My name is Ghislain Malardier, “Aïkigi”, your website personal assistant.

I created Aïkigi Web to assist artists and companies in the development of their online identities.

Why artists?

Because I am one as well. Former circus performer, I shared my passion as an acrobat and a clown with millions of people around the world.

Aïkigi Web is my new adventure. The desire stays the same — share my passion for art by helping artists become visible on the World Wide Web.

I’m inspired by people who are dedicated to what they love, so I decided to do the same for small business owners as well.

The team?

I pride myself in managing all my clients’ hosting and websites, but like everyone, I have certain limitations 😉

I imagined Aïkigi Web as a platform which allows me to work with remarkably talented and creative individuals. 

Be it graphic designers, photographers, videographers, Copywriter or JavaScript developer, be reassured that I will always manage all aspects of your project.

Simplifying the Web is Aïkigi Web mission,
it’s what I do.

Discover some of my creative partners

Christian Garmatter

Graphic Designer

Mai Sato


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